Baking Party Announcement

First of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Ok, I stole this from EqD from last year...but...c'mon.

Ok, I stole this from EqD from last year two years ago…but…c’mon.

Be sure to wear green today! I think people still do that weird pinching thing if you’re not, so be careful. This is the holiday of ‘people being generally raucous,’ so watch yourself, and have a great time however you wish to spend it!

Personally my favourite pony-related thing to this holiday is this video. Check it out if you want a great Irish song put over ponies. You know you want that. C’mon.

Baking Party News

Pinkie Pie Slow smile raise

If you guys remember from the Hearthswarming Eve Party, I, Rafiq, hosted a baking party at my house before the actual party!

While the logistics were a bit confusing, it was an overall success! And I think it really improved our spread at the party. So I’m doing it again for the St. Pony’s Day party! It’ll be Wednesday, March 19th (the day before the party)

It’s a really simple thing: people come to my apartment, use my kitchen to bake things, and we just hang out and have a good time. Can’t make it? No problem. It’s totally optional. Bringing Food to the party is optional as well. It is highly encouraged, but not required. You do not have to have paid dues to partake, but that too is encouarged (you also get a button!)

Last, a quick reminder for tonight:

It’s FanFic Monday! Come on by rm. 2203 in the student centre at 6 pm tonight for awesome fic discussion. Our fics this week are…interesting. Good!…and interesting.

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